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Meet the team

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Our Volunteers

H3 Volunteers

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Our Volunteers - H3 Volunteers

We constantly take on new volunteers from our service user group to help run and support activities, listening to their ideas and providing training. Some of the core group include…

Karen Chadwick (Peer Supporter), Lucy Craven (Peer Supporter), Paul Duncan (Services Volunteer), John McAvoy (Services Volunteer), Kerry Chapel (Services Volunteer).

We rely on this group for a huge amount of service delivery and their ideas and feedback ensure that we stay on top of what is needed and take new opportunities as they come.

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Eleanor Edgar

Charity Engagement Assistant

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Eleanor Edgar - Charity Engagement Assistant

Ellie is the rocket fuel behind positive engagement, working directly with service users to facilitate and support engagement.

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Molly Bishop

Charity Support and Development Officer

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Molly Bishop - Charity Support and Development Officer

Molly keeps the ship running smoothly, taking care of project development, funding and governance support.

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Katie Martin

Health Advocate

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Katie Martin - Health Advocate

Katie works intensely to improve the health management of service users using all the resources in her toolkit and tireless positivity.

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Becky Chrystal

Hospital Advocate

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Becky Chrystal - Hospital Advocate

Becky is our rapid response worker at Stepping Hill Hospital, meeting patients experiencing homelessness and working with all partners and agencies to secure their safe discharge.

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Thomas Doyle

Facilities Cleaner

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Thomas Doyle - Facilities Cleaner

Tommy manages our cleaning contract and is using this role as a step back into a stable livelihood, his can-do attitude is a marvel to behold.

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Page last reviewed 04/01/2018