Katie, our Health Advocate, gave her feedback.:

Homeless Link's annual 2017 conference provided us with the opportunity to be part of the frontline services' vision to 'end homelessness'. Homeless Link are at the forefront of the sector in terms of training and knowledge, policy and awareness and there were myriad workshops and talks covering multiple topics, all of which relevant to the sector and H3's vision.  
Understanding the 'bigger picture' and how strategies around ending homelessness and addressing inequalities in health were central to the conference. It was a refreshing and exciting approach to multi -agency work.  
Key areas of learning included: working with the 'Housing First' Model; Reflective Practise; Challenging decisions around the Care Act and working with people with 'Complex Needs' experiencing trauma.
Having the opportunity to host a stand enhanced our networking potential and we were able to share ideas with agencies from across the country; confirming that the challenges and opportunities to make a difference are not geographically bound, despite the challenges around funding.

Thank you to Homeless Link and all those we met.