Highlights included:

  • Blackpool Tower Eye: amazing views along the coastline and the 360ft high sheer glass drop tested everyone’s nerves and fear of heights.

  • Blackpool Tower 4D cinema experience: a film showing the history and glamour of Blackpool of the ballroom, theme park and tower, with lots of water and foam thrown into the mix in true 4D cinema experience style.

  • Picnic by the sea: with fantastic weather.

  • Blackpool Tower Circus: amazing acrobatic performances including high ropes and clown.

 In amongst all the activities there was of course some time for some Blackpool classics of Mr Whippy ice creams, donuts, rock and Blackpool’s famous all-you-can-eat buffet.

The day gave the residents freedom and the opportunity to do something different and have some fun. The positive environment gave resulted in personal reflections and some positive conversations with each other and project workers.
Some residents stated that it made them feel more inspired and positive about the future and spoke with more clarity about where they saw themselves going. It was really was a great day, that created many memories for residents and is still reflected on positively.