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Year in Review: H3 achieves record engagement and volunteering

Posted 21 December 2017

With 2018 coming onto the horizon it’s time to look at our year in review. At H3, we believe in the power of positive engagement and building relationships. We have seen our service users grow in confidence and self-esteem, achieve new things and meet people who have had a huge impact on their life.

Experiencing homelessness is often a chaotic and highly stressful time. We feel proud to have provided relief, support, diversion, opportunity and better futures.

This year has actually been good for me, it should have been awful…but because of H3 it hasn’t been, I’ve done all sorts of things and found my groove.

Engagement Highlights

  • 23 people attended the arts sessions and unearthed some real hidden talent. Art works were displayed across the temporary accommodation schemes and three trips organised to see what other art and crafts sessions are available.
  • Cooking was extremely popular, with 25 people engaging on a regular basis over 17 sessions. Making food and eating together was a real catalyst to peer support and having open conversations to support one another.
  • “Without H3 I would have found it hard to socialise and meet anyone.”
  • Peer Support was new this year and we have seen fantastic engagement on both training and real peer support relationships. 11 people have been involved, with 5 being active on a weekly basis, all people with current or previous experience of homelessness.
  • “I’ve got more out of the last 3 months peer mentoring than I have out of my whole working life.”
  • Complimentary Therapy programme has been great – focusing on relaxation and improved sleep. 37 people have received treatments with 9 of those on an intensive treatment programme. We have seen the change of mood and behaviour even when the therapists enter the building! They are well loved and for good reason.
  • 6 care leavers have repeatedly engaged in a wide range of activities, which has taken a high level of engagement support from the team. One young lady has found her skills in arts and design and has recently been supported into her own flat. Another is excelling at football and is looking forward to committing to a university placement in the New Year. We especially remember the “best day of my life” exclamation on visiting Old Trafford for the very first time, after 21 years of supporting Man United.
  • Our partnership with CERA Cycloan provides a new kind of restorative environment to our service users. The Up-Cycling Project has seen good engagement and we have secured funding to continue into 2018.

Overall: 260 engagement sessions across 39 activities, with 1529 instances of engagement.

Volunteering Highlights

  • 41 individuals volunteered with us on our Move On and Decorating Services in the community, with 30 of them volunteering over 5 times. 113 service jobs were completed this year.

Overall: 1,328 hours of volunteering has been completed with us

Hospital discharge and health management

Our H4 project has gone from strength to strength, and this year we have made new partnerships and referral pathways with Pennine Care, Stockport CCG, Revive Dental, Self Help, CGL and ACORN Recovery. We helped facilitate the North West’s first Faculty for Homelessness and Inclusion Health Hub, bringing together stakeholders and projects from across Greater Manchester.

This project works with service users with the highest health needs and often highly complex needs, across mental and physical health. We received an APSE National Award for Outstanding Service Innovation, which was certainly a highlight, but we have also seen people regain their mental wellbeing, take control of their health, or simply be supported to stabilise behaviours and these have also been huge highlights.

Without those conversations [with H3] I don’t even think I’d still be here – I certainly wouldn’t be able to sit here and talk to you like this.
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Page last reviewed 16/07/2018
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